Episode 5: Salehah Janjua


"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

Salehah Janjua, Technical Recruiter, Facebook, on taking risks to pursue lifetime opportunities

Imagine getting your biggest career assignment building out a team with the hottest company in the world?  Now imagine that assignment being thousands of miles away overseas and having to tell your new spouse the news? Salehah Hassan Janjua was in those shoes!  
Salehah is one of the first technical recruiters in the Seattle Facebook office. I am thrilled to share Salehah’s story in how she lives by the Facebook motto “fail harder” and uses rejection as a learning tool. 
Salehah defines success on her own terms rather than it being defined for her. She won’t let failure knock her down.  She is a fighter who believes that success comes from hard work and persistence. Salehah is a role model for aspiring professional Asian women to reach beyond their potential.

Podcast Details

Find out from the podcast how Salehah:

  • Used grit to deal with rejection after applying for twenty five jobs a day with several rounds of interviews - before landing on her first job at Google
  • ook risks to pursue once in a lifetime opportunities
  • Relied on a good support system of mentors
  • Appreciated tough love from her Asian parents
  • Used discomfort as her guiding compass
  • Overcame imposter syndrome and created a belief system
  • Learned the difference between being bossy and assertive

And I wouldn’t call this podcast, Confessions of Successful Asian Women if there weren’t any tantalizing revelations along the way!  

About Salehah

Salehah Janjua was born and raised in the Bay Area and moved up North over three years ago to work at Facebook Seattle. She is a technical recruiter at Facebook working on hiring Software Engineers and very recently moved back from a six month assignment in London where she worked on building the culture as well as hiring Software Engineers.

Get in touch with Salehah at salehah@fb.com.