Episode 37: Sukhi Singh

Success is when you have value out there.
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"I was never afraid of failing."

Sukhi Singh, Founder of Sukhi’s Indian Cuisine, on Bringing authentic Indian cuisine to mainstream America

Sukhi Singh is the founder of the multi-million dollar Indian food company, Sukhi’s. Sukhi is responsible for bringing Indian food to mainstream America through venues like farmer’s markets, Wholefoods and Costco.

Sukhi faced a lot of twists and turns in her entrepreneurial journey including a failed deli but she rose up with the help of her family. Listen to the podcast to learn more about her incredible journey from holding a blender and a bucket to running a successful enterprise.

Podcast Details

Find out from the podcast how SUKHI:

  • Started her entrepreneurship journey with her family from opening a deli that eventually failed

  • Noticed a gap in Indian cuisine and found a way to fill the gap through providing ready-made sauces

  • Made a name for herself at Bay Area farmer’s markets which was the launch pad for expanding her business to retail

  • Handled the “four C’s” (confidence, culture, childcare and cash) and the role each played in helping her achieve her dreams

  • Relied on the support of her family from enlisting her husband, children, sister, brother-in-law and mother-in-law to grow her business

  • Made the best investment that changed her business for the better

  • Believes that a good product combined with good marketing is a recipe for success

“I haven’t seen anyone become big overnight. Everyone has to work hard." -Sukhi Singh


Born in India and inspired by her grandmother, Sukhi Singh had a natural gift for cooking. In 1985 she moved to the U.S with a passion and vision for sharing her native cuisine with those who love good food. Her continued passion and artful cooking is the inspiration behind Sukhi’s Indian Cuisine.