Episode 33: Nancy Hoque

I learned to do really great work, so people didn’t focus on my perceived identity. It was all about the work and the quality of my work. I learned to connect with people and to speak in the same language as them, especially as a woman in a male dominated area.
— Nancy Hoque

"Speak up."

Nancy Hoque,
Engineer and Product Marketing Manager, on  learning to stand out in a male dominated career

Nancy Hoque is a multipotentialite, as she is a woman of many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Nancy was a solutions engineer, designing and aiding the sales of mission critical communications for the Federal Government and Department of Defense (DOD) space, she was the founder of a modest fashion scarf ecommerce business, sixteenR scarves, and she is pursuing a Masters of Business at the prestigious Hass School of Business in Berkeley, California where she co-founded “Strong Women Strong Minds”, an initiative to help rebuild the broken lives of women in conflict zones.

This is all the while being a mom to two young boys and working in a career in product marketing at a leading Bay Area tech company. Nancy is a badass!

Podcast Details

Find out from the podcast how Nancy:

  • Got into the STEM field which led her to the difficult path of career path of electrical engineering
  • Dealt with being the lone woman in a room full of men and how she held her own
  • Developed a thick skin to stereotypes and the one superpower that she defaults to
  • Learned to speak up to harassment in the workplace
  • Saw a business opportunity, launched the ‘sixteenr scarves’ company and outfitted Olympian bronze medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad in her signature flag scarf
  • Believes in the importance of having supportive partners as a launch pad for success 

“It’s really important to speak up right away to harassment and to shut it down, it’s not ok. You’re not doing anyone favors by being quiet.”- Nancy Hoque

About Nancy

Nancy Hoque is a MBA student at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and a Product Marketing Manager at Symantec. She is an advocate for gender equity through Lean In, holding leadership roles in Women In Leadership and The Bay Area Bangladeshi Association. A former solutions architect designing mission critical communications for the U.S. military, and founder of sixteenR scarves, a modest scarf empowerment brand, she sought an MBA to prepare her to inspire and lead social impact. Her most recent initiative is co-founding "Strong Women Strong Minds". https://www.strongwomenstrongminds.org/

Nancy resides in Northern California along with her husband and two children.