Episode 15: Jane Bolander

When you are walking down the red carpet, you have to command that red carpet with the lights on you, with the celebrities around you, and you have to show everyone that you can get the media attention on your client.

"If you believe in yourself and don't compromise your morals, you will gain respect."

Jane Bolander, Founder/CEO, JSY Public Relations, on Fighting Leukemia and Running A Sports PR Firm

Jane Bolander broke barriers as one of the first Asian women to enter the sports public relations industry when she founded her own firm, JSY Public Relations, in 2005.  As CEO and Founder of JSY PR, Jane and her colleagues strive to gain the best national exposure for their clients, which include famous sports celebrities like Yao Ming, Carmelo Anthony and Steve Nash.  JSY PR also work on other initiatives such as charitable foundations and community organization.  
Jane’s world changed on December 26th, 2015.  She was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant fast.  Jane is fighting for her life right now and is waiting for her transplant.  But that hasn’t slowed her down on chasing her goals.

Podcast Details

Find out from the podcast how Jane:

  • Overcame hurdles and built credibility as an Asian woman in the world of sports PR
  • Was influenced by her Taiwanese immigrant parents
  • Preserved professionalism in her career and stayed true to her authentic self while also allowing the rebel in her to come out
  • Realized that she was undercharging for her work
  • Learned to be vulnerable and asked for help
  • Discovered that she had leukemia
  • Shares her perspective in how one can be supportive with friends or loved ones who are battling a serious illness
  • Had to educate herself and the Asian community on bone marrow transplants, plan bone marrow donor drives, and encourage others to sign up to be donors through the Asian American Donor Program (AADP)
  • Has a new found appreciation for her neighbors and community 

"I am scared to die...sometimes you just want to tell people how you feel, be heard and have your feelings be validated...You just want someone to ask you more questions and listen."-  Jane Bolander

As I was interviewing Jane, I was in awe of her relentless spirit.  She exuded a positive energy in spite of having to confront her own mortality.  You can save someone’s life with just one swab of the cheek.  Please sign up to be a donor at BeTheMatch.org or AADP.org.

View Jane Yin Bolander’s Story on AADP.org

About Jane

Jane Bolander began her Public Relations career sixteen years ago as a freelance writer for arts and entertainment publications. Working on a piece about NBA star Yao Ming garnered Jane the attention to land a position in the marketing department of BDA Sports Management.
She was the Director of Public Relations and worked with 25 NBA athletes, such as Yao Ming, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire, on PR, Marketing Support, Community Relations and Charitable Endeavors.
In early 2005, Jane launched JSY Public Relations, which focuses on public relations, marketing and charitable giving. She and her colleagues at JSY strive to gain the best national exposure for their clients, create strategic partnerships, cultivate marketing opportunities, plan special events, fundraisers, youth camps and develop charitable foundations and initiatives. They have worked with clients like Amar’e Stoudemire, Lance Briggs, Troy Polamalu, Marshawn Lynch, Malcolm Smith, Amel Larrieux, Anna Rawson, Smokey Robinson, Ameriie and more.
Six years ago, JSY expanded with two new divisions:JSY Events and JSY Giving. JSY Giving helps athletes start their own non-profit efforts, handles fundraising, grant-writing, development and other functions related to non-profit management. JSY Giving handles public relations strategy, fundraising and events management for several major national and global non-profits.