It's Never Good or Bad

1042017 taco blog.jpg

My old mentor always said to me, "don't think he/she/it is bad or good: it's never one way or the other."

I walked into the taqueria to get my mini tacos for lunch. I was surprised when the owner rang me up. I thought to myself,
"Wow, tacos cost an arm and leg now. This is price gouging".

The person behind me placed her order. 
"Can I get a breakfast burrito?"

The lady behind the counter asked,
"What do you want on it"?

She responded, 
"All know is that she wants goat cheese and guacamole in the burrito".

The owner knew who the burrito was for. She said aloud, "Thank you for doing this, I'm only charging you $5."

The burrito was then handed to the homeless woman standing outside with a "I'm hungry" sign.

Bad or good, it's never one way or the other.

Aliya Janjua