Introducing New Podcast Series, Confessions of Successful Asian Women

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A fashion maven turned clothing designer who empowers girls’ education.
A refugee turned immigration lawyer who helps others find a new life.
A pre-med major turned elementary school principal that mentors young girls to realize their full potential.
A dancer turned entrepreneur who brings the joy of fitness to communities.
A technical recruiter turned risk-taker who won’t let failure and rejection stop her dreams.
A technical writer turned yoga instructor and film director who follows her passions responsibly.

These are just some of the profiles of the amazing Asian women who surround me.  And each one has an impressive story to share.   

I am excited to launch my new podcast series, “Confessions of Successful Asian Women”, a platform for women to connect, share and inspire.  Every week I’ll profile powerful trail blazers in the Asian community who are shattering ceilings, solving problems and doing amazing things in their professional careers. 

’ll share their stories through one-on-one conversations, to provide insights into how they overcame barriers, dealt with their fears, and achieved success.  I’ll profile women from across different industries and walks of life to provide you with an opportunity to hear their unique stories and learn from their experiences. 
I’ve met so many Asian women who broke gender and cultural stereotypes to arrive where they are today. These fearless women defy all norms and shape their own narratives of success. They demonstrate resilience, passion, and determination every day - whether it’s in their professional or personal lives. Each woman has a unique story to tell, with wins and losses along the way. And each story provides us with a path we can follow to break down barriers of our own and open doors to pursue our dreams. 
All of us have faced some sort of barrier in our professional careers. Whether it’s jumping into a profession that doesn’t align with the one our Asian parents selected for us, or taking on a stretch assignment while juggling our family and career, or confronting failure and developing the confidence to overcome it – we showed grit and grace along the way, and we most certainly felt alone at times and wished we had a supportive community. 
I want those of you who listen to this podcast to feel encouraged and to know that anything is possible.  All of these influential women offer pearls of wisdom that you can apply to your life and career. 

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Aliya Janjua